About Us

Bulletproof Gymwear was established + created in 2011 by Joe Wise, an avid

gym user. A Graphic Designer by trade, Joe decided to create his own

business after a brush with death in December 2010 + he aptly named his

brand ‘Bulletproof’. Bulletproof Gymwear was + still is the way

forward in stylish Bodybuilding Clothing to wear when working out @ the

gym, Bodybuilding Clothing that steers away from the tacky poor quality

designs seen in the Bodybuilding Clothing industry today.


Starting the business single-handedly, from scratch with not a penny to

his name, it was about 3 years before Joe made any money from his business

but he has always been determined to make it work. Vowing to bring to his

customers through this Bodybuilding Clothing website, access to the most

exclusive + top quality Bodybuilding Clothing that is guaranteed to make

you stand out in the crowd.


Another fatal, near death illness in 2014 which saw Joe have to endure 6

months of a very high dose, gruelling Chemotherapy treatment influenced

the designs that followed. Designing + creating everything himself,

Joe’s fight + survival is reflected in his designs + attracts the

attention of followers + customers who can relate to his motto’s +

journey in one way or another. It was no secret that Joe was ill + almost

died, yet he still came in to work each + every day being so ill + even

after Chemotherapy treatment that made him sick, just to keep fulfilling

his customers’ orders.


His sheer determination, fight + commitment to his brand + his customers

along with his innovative designs gained interest from highly influential

people in the Bodybuilding industry as well as inspiring

customers + supporters. Starting quite literally from nothing from

creating designs + packing orders in his bedroom, to renting out a loft

room in a local Gym that was so small + had no ventilation he had to print

on his hands + knees, Joe has expanded Bulletproof Gymwear over the last 6

years. Bulletproof Gymwear is now located in proper business premises all

from the success of the belief Joe had in his designs + his brand which is

now known + worn Worldwide.


The good thing about this Bodybuilding Clothing brand is that it’s not

limited to the confines of the Gym + this range of Bodybuilding Clothing

includes designs that won’t look out of place out + about during the day

or even on a night out. All designs are created + printed in-house by Joe

who prints everything to order by hand, making Bulletproof Gymwear a

unique Bodybuilding Clothing brand.


Keep an eye out for updates + news of the next editions to our

Bodybuilding Clothing range. Joe is constantly releasing new designs

meaning the brand is always up + coming + fresh + each design is promised

to be even bigger + better than anything you will see anywhere else.